Day 1 Morning Course Descriptions


Soul on Fire- Beauty From Ashes
My life dramatically changed in one horrific instant at the young  age of 10.  Our family home exploded from a gas leak and was destroyed.   I was severely burned to 70% of my face and body, mostly 3rd degree burns.   With a new life of extreme pain and severely scared reflection, how did I pick up the broken pieces of my life?
Soul on Fire…Beauty from Ashes is intended to share the wisdom I’ve gained through a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
The purpose of “Soul on Fire…Beauty from Ashes” is to inspire others to see the beauty and gifts that they possess.  Through the insight and spiritual growth gained on my own painful journey, teaching others how to find life’s blessings even in the midst of pain.

Danette Haag


MIH Utilization in Re-admission Reduction of Cardiac Patients
Presentation will cover aspects of creating a Community Paramedic/MIH program, partnership with acute care facilities and successes of reducing readmission of cardiac patients.

Joseph Casciotti began his EMS career in PA back in the mid 1990’s. In 2011, he graduated from St. Luke’s School of Nursing and began working in the ER and ICU. Joe moved his family to just west of Houston, Texas in early 2014 to begin a career as a flight nurse at Memorial Hermann Life Flight. After almost 5 years at Life Flight, Joe accepted a position to help develop and implement a Community Paramedic Program at his current employer, Harris County Emergency Services District 48 Fire/EMS.



ECARES- Implementing a CARES Program in your area
This presentation will be about our ECARES Program and how we are reducing the risk of falls and fall related injuries to the Evergreen and Kittredge communities with data to support our success. I will also speak to how a CARES Program like ours is Community Risk Reduction and you do not need to be a Paramedic or Community Paramedic to implement a program in your community/fire district.

Annie Dorchak is a Paramedic/Community Paramedic at Evergreen Fire/Rescue with over 11 years at Evergreen Fire/Rescue, 30+ years in Emergency Medical Services and graduated from Regis University. Annie is compassionate in her ECARES work within the Evergreen Community, striving to keep residents healthy and safe in their homes. Annie has 2 kids in college and an ornery dog, Max. When not working or taking road trips to Utah and can be found on a lake trying to stand up on her SUP, an entertaining challenge.

Be Safe Tool
A FEMA Grant Funded project produced by Cal State NorthRidge and the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. This tool is a procedure that can be applied to any fire safety training program.Having an evidence-based tool such as BeSafe provides the educator with the ability to not only evaluate and improve training, but a metric that can be used in providing data on outcomes for your Community Risk Reduction program.

Daniel Chacon roots in the fire service began at a young age as a son of a Fire Chief. He has worked as a emergency dispatcher, seasonal fire fighter, teacher, and is currently the Assistant Director of the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. Presently, Daniel serves as the Co-Chair for the Northern California Fire Prevention Officers Public Education Committee, and focuses on educating fire departments on how to implementing CRR through the AARBF’s Fire Fighters and Safety Education program

Ed Comeau