Day 2 Afternoon Course Descriptions


Positive Youth Development
This is a more in depth follow up to the Plenary presentation right before lunch. Adolescence is a time of change and opportunity. The physical, social and psychological changes young people undergo impacts their behavior, how they interact with the world, and how the adults around them respond to this transformation. This training will help you understand and learn the skills and knowledge needed to integrate the evidence-based PYD approach into your current youth programming efforts.

Audra Bishop, Audra Bishop, M.A, Youth and Young Adult Section Manager of the Children, Youth and Families Branch at the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

Let’s Make A Movie!
Do you want to make a movie that you can post on Facebook, Twitter, use on your website, send out in emails? This will be a hands-on class where we’ll take you from pre-production, filming, post-production and getting it online. We’ll cover planning, equipment, setup, workflow, editing and then what to do with the video. You’ll get hands on, but you can also bring and use anything of your own equipment that you want to bring with you to get more practice, whether it is your cellphone or DSLR.

Ed Comeau, Ed Comeau has been involved in fire safety for over 30 years as a fire fighter, fire protection engineer, fire investigator and fire safety advocate. He has been involved in projects ranging from campus fire safety to CRR as a subject matter expert, grant project manager and technical writer. He blends fire safety knowledge with digital media to help bring a broader spectrum of communicating with the audience through a variety of avenues that include print, web, video and social media.

Live, Laugh, Learn!
In short we will cover risk behaviors for all age groups and special needs groups. As a class we will work together to design an entertaining educational safety behavior program for their audiences back home.

Calvin Cook, Plano Fire-Rescue, Calvin has been in the fire service for 36 plus years, 33 plus in Plano, and has been recognized as thePublic Educator of the Year 3 times. He also teaches and performs at Clown and Characterization Conferences both in his home state of Texas as well as nationaly.  “pAtChEs” his clown character has been around for over 19 years when he was entroduced to the City of Plano in 1996 by his favorite clown Snozzle. He loved educating the young audiences until he realized that clowning, charaterization and puppets crosses most barriors (teenagers are a little

Chris Jefferson, Plano Fire-Rescue, Chris Jefferson has been a Firefighter/Paramedic with Plano Fire Rescue in Plano, TX since 1995. He started performing magic in 1990 as a hobby and performed at small parties and events.  He developed Snozzle D. Clown in 1996 and started the Plano LAFS troupe (LAFS stands for Life And Fire Safety) to teach children in the Plano community to be safe. Since its formation, Plano LAFS has performed and taught for an average of 12,000 children a year at elementary schools, community events and various special engagements. He is currently a certified Instructor through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection and is an instructor at the annual TEEX Municipal Fire School at Texas A&M University. He is also an instructor for the AFBEA Risk Reduction through Characterization Conference in Bullhead City, AZ, as well as the Texas LAFS Conference in Lewisville, TX. He is currently President of Texas LAFS which is an organization offering training and support to departments who wish to develop and maintain characterization programs in their own jurisdictions in Texas.

A Fire Sprinkler Success Story
Monica will discuss the overnight success of the city’s sprinkler initiatives that were 20 years in the making for Rapid City Fire Department Fire. Monica Colby will demonstrate how fire sprinkler education has been integrated into their outreach programs. More importantly, take home lesson plans of our classes to make your own

Monica Colby, Monica Colby has been a Fire and Life Safety Educator since 1998, currently working with Rapid City Fire Department. She has worked on local, state, regional, and national projects and positions. Monica is currently serving on the NFPA Education Section Board of Directors and the NFPA 1035 Technical Committee. Monica and her teenage Engineer live in a home protected by stove-top heat-limiting technology and by fire sprinklers

Lisa Saunders, Lisa Saunders has spent most of her adult life teaching individuals of all ages and interests, from American Red Cross First Aid for adults to World War I trench warfare (using spit wads) for middle school students at Jakarta International School. During the past three years she has been teaching Fire & Life Safety classes for Rapid City Fire Department. Lisa is also a member of the Pennington County Search and Rescue organization, where she has taught several different SAR courses to new recruits, and is currently teaching a four-month-old Border Collie puppy how to find people who are lost in the Black Hills. In her spare time she enjoys climbing over walls and crawling through tunnels at Spartan Races.