Day 2 Afternoon Course Descriptions


NFSA Sprinkler Demonstration
Side by side sprinkler demonstrsation

Rob Geislinger


Planes, Trains and Automobiles
A Year in the Life of a PIO
The Public Information team at West Pierce Fire & Rescue has responded to multiple career-defining incidents in a very short period of time.  Two Amtrak passenger trains derailed within months of each other and the next summer, a stolen plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport crashed on an island off of Puget Sound.  These PIOs will share their strategies on how they dealt with media, partner agencies and the community during the incident and the days, weeks and even months following.

Jenny Weekes & Scott Adams
Jenny Weekes has held various positions within the fire service, including public educator, fire inspector, investigator, all of which have included the role of Public Information Officer.  She has spent much of her career participating in life safety efforts throughout Pierce County and Washington State.  Now as the Community & Media Relations Manager, she is the lead PIO for West Pierce Fire and Rescue and has worked on many large-scale incidents and events.

Scott Adams is the Batallion Chief overseeing Prevention and Education for West Pierce Fire and Rescue and is a public educator, fire inspector, investigator and back-up Public Information Officer.

– Assess values, life goals, and strengths as an emergency responder
– Connect the impact of trauma to resiliency tools to better manage emotional impact on self and others
– Build a map to create a life with purpose
– Improve relationships with friends, family, and building your Community of Support

Ben O’Brien On top of being a firefighter for South Metro Fire Rescue in Colorado Ben is life coach and trainer for emergency responders.