Day 2 Afternoon Course Descriptions


Fires, Guns, Wicked Problems that Cause Fire Codes
This presentation will look back at major fires which have influenced code development. Look at the emerging threats public buildings face with terrorism and hostile situations. Our fire protection devices are being used against us. With the wicked problems and products we face in the code development world, public apathy is still our biggest threat. Learn what is being done and what is likely to come in the way of products vs. code. Let me help you walk the tightrope to avoid conflagration.

Ray Reynolds currently serves as the Director of Fire and EMS for the City of Nevada. He oversees fire department operations and serves as a sworn peace officer, fire chief, and paramedic within the Nevada Public Safety Department. Ray continues to implement community risk reduction programs focused on a multidisciplinary approach to reduce injuries in the community. The Nevada Community Risk Reduction program is appropriately named, Keeping Emergencies Small.


Love, Laugh, Learn
This program will demonstrate how to present Fire and Life Safety messages in a memorable and engaging way utilizing characters, clowns, music, and magic. Attendees will participate (voluntarily) in developing data driven messages and presenting them in a fun and memorable way. Examples from 23 years of Plano Fire-Rescue’s program “Plano LAFS” will be shown and demonstrated and shared with those who would like to take ideas back and use them in their own communities.

Christopher Jefferson has been a Firefighter/Paramedic with Plano Fire Rescue in Plano, TX since 1995. He started performing magic in 1990 as a hobby and performed at small parties and events. He developed Snozzle D. Clown in 1996 and started the Plano LAFS troupe (LAFS stands for Life And Fire Safety) to teach children in the Plano community to be safe. Since its formation, Plano LAFS has performed and taught for an average of 12,000 children a year at elementary schools, and community events.

Calvin Cook spent 21 years of his career with Plano Fire-Rescue as pAtChEs the Clown. Along with Snozzle, he has performed for well over 250,000 children and adults about Life and Fire Safety. He has been an instructor at multiple conferences including the Texas LAFS Conference, AFBEA’s Characterization Conference, and the CRRN Conference of the Rockies. Calvin credits Chris Jefferson with his mentorship and inspiration in development of pAtChEs and loves teaching as pAtChEs.

CRR Strategies for Public Outreach
This 90-minute class will cover the basics of CRR as outlined by Vision 20/20 as they relate to public awareness and education, including the importance of data collection and community risk assessment.  The session will feature free outreach tools from Vision 20/20, and Meri-K Appy will give an overview of Sound Off With the Home Fire Safety Patrol, a school-based program that has achieved documented success in helping low-income students in Grades 2 and 3 and their families learn lifesaving lessons about smoke alarms and fire safety.  Now being implemented in 11 states, including Colorado, Sound Off is the only national fire safety curriculum that incorporates a home safety visit by fire departments to install free smoke alarms in high-risk homes that need them.  We will conclude this session with an update on how fire and life safety leaders in Colorado are integrating Sound Off into their community-based CRR efforts, highlighting recommended best practices to accelerate progress and achieve solid results.

Meri- K Appy is a leader in fire and life safety education with a proven track record in creating and implementing effective injury prevention initiatives. Appy specializes in simplifying safety messages, concepts and strategies for greatest impact, especially for audiences at highest risk.
Appy served as Vice President for Public Education at NFPA from 1989 – 2003, as President of the Home Safety Council from 2003- 2010, and as President of Safe Kids USA until December, 2011.  Now head of her own consulting company, she is a member of the Vision 20/20 Executive Committee and facilitates the Strategy 2 task group, working with the team that created the new Fire Safety Materials Generator.
Appy is also Project Manager for Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol, an exciting new school-based program from the National Center for Prevention Initiatives at the Michigan Public Health Institute.  Funded by Fire Prevention and Safety Grants from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/FEMA, Sound Off delivers smoke alarm education and installation to high-risk Grade 2/3 students and their families with documented success.  Colorado is one of 11 states implementing the Sound Off program through an FY18 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant.
Appy serves on the IAFC Fire and Life Safety Section Board and on the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy Advisory Committee.

Pat Mieszala, RN is a pioneer in the field of psycho-social rehabilitation for survivors of burn injury and burn prevention. She has dedicated her life’s work to collaborating partnerships, developing and providing instruction for a multitude of local, state and national programs and projects over the past five decades with local hospital burn units/foundations, state fire agencies, and national organizations (American Burn Association, FEMA’s USFA and NFA, IFSTA, NFPA, IAAI, IAFF, etc.).
Her work with the original USFA funded development team to address the youth firesetter issue began in 1978. She delivered workshops in all fifty states, Canada and Puerto Rico with this effective approach to better understand and provide effective intervention for firesetting behavior in children of all ages. In 1984 she received the FEMA Director’s Award for her service in the “National Juvenile Firesetter/Arson Project”. Pat has served as a course developer and instructor for many of the NFA public educator/fire and life safety courses, including the youth firesetter course.
Mieszala served as field representative for the NFPA Education Division and worked closely with the NFPA Center for High Risk Outreach programs from 1989-2014. She served on the volunteer NFPA Education Section Board of Directors from 1996-2016, including as Chair from 2012-2016.
Since 2014 Pat has been working with Vision 20/20 as a curriculum developer and technical advisor for all of their one day Community Risk Reduction (CRR) and Model Programs /Evaluation training workshops , and the IFSTA ResourceOne online Essentials of CRR course. She worked to develop a State Community Risk Reduction Guide to assist in state support of local CRR programs.
Pat’s work as the Training/Technical Support Manager with the Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol project began in 2018. This exciting school-based program from the National Center for Prevention Initiatives at the Michigan Public Health Institute delivers smoke alarm education and installation to Grades 2/ 3 and their families in over 80 high risk communities in 11 states.
Among her many state and national awards, she received two major awards from the American Burn Association – “The Curtis P. Artz Distinguished Service Award” (’83) and the “National Prevention Award” (’89). In 2009 Pat was the third recipient of the Congressional Fire Services Institute and Home Safety Council (now IFSTA), Dr. Anne Phillips Leadership in Public Fire Safety Education Award.

Community Risk Reduction- It’s Impact on Your Departments Public Protection Classification
This presentation will identify the value of “Community Risk Reduction” as it relates to your departments Public Protection Classification through the Insurance Services Office (ISO). ISO evaluates a community’s commitment to public safety by evaluating the effectiveness of local fire department. “Community Risk Reduction” plays an important role in reducing injury, death, property loss & lowering your community risk, which in turn lowers your communities property insurance premium.

Stephan Charles has 10 years of LE & 37 years of fire service experience; he has served as Fire Chief of the Berthoud Fire Protection District for the past 27 years. He is a graduate of Aims Community College with an A.A.S. degree in Fire Protection and Fire Science. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy four year “Executive Fire Officer” program. In December of 2006, Chief Charles completed the Emergency Management Institute / FEMA “Emergency Management, Professional Development Series.

Harold (Skip) Starling is the owner of National Fire Services Office & Emergency Planning Services, a national firm in Sylvania, Georgia. NFSO works with local fire departments improving their Public Protection Classification, while enhancing their fire protection effectiveness. Following his tour with the U.S. Navy he entered into a 34 year career of public service, in law enforcement, emergency management and the fire service. He is a graduate of Georgia Southern University