Day 2 Morning Course Descriptions


Crisis Firesetters; The Fire Departments Crisis and Intervention Strategies
The Chesapeake Fire Department, would like to present our A.I.M. program. In 2006 the C.F.D. developed a program to reach “Juvenile Firesetters” that were motivated by a crisis (feeling powerless in a situation) to get a feeling of control from playing with fire. After several years of data collection, studies reflected a serious issue with elaborate firesetting combined with numerous events for crisis youths. AIM is about changing their risky behaviors, far above what education can provide.

Chris Tischler,  Chris Tischler was hired by the Chesapeake Fire Department in May 2004, and was promoted to Captain in June 2017. He has been a member of the (AIM) Adventure Intervention Mentoring program since the program’s inception in 2006. During his career he has been assigned to the Chesapeake Fire Department’s Technical Rescue Team.

Daniel Ward,

Engaging Company Officers in Community Risk Reduction
The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has created resources to assist company officers with community risk reducation programs in support of Firefighter Life Safety Initiative #14 (public education) and Initiative #15 (code enforcement and sprinklers). This presentation will discuss new resources including a training video and a fire prevention app. Also the presentation will discuss how to integrate community risk reduction in a company officer’s job performance requirements.

Kevin Milan,  Kevin Milan is an Assistant Chief with South Metro Fire Rescue (CO) with 25+ years of experience. He is a graduate of the National Fire Academy (NFA) Executive Fire Officer Program, a recipient of two NFA outstanding research awards, and has his Chief Fire Officer Designation. He holds a Master of Science in Executive Fire Service Leadership and a PhD in Fire and Emergency Management Administration. He is also Past President of the Colorado Training Officers and Fire Marshal’s Associations.

Prevention? Who has the time or money for that? Using Fire Corps to help Achieve your Prevention Goals & Support your Department
Budgets and resources are always limited, and somehow prevention seems to be one of the first things to feel the squeeze. However, many communities have an army of willing volunteers, eager to engage and contribute to the community – it’s just a matter of figuring out how to pull them in and put them to work. Hear the story of how one department supplemented their programs with a dedicated crew of citizens donating over 2000 hours per year.

Stacy Walts-  Ms Walts joined the SBM Fire Department in 2008 as a Fire Corps volunteer. As a volunteer, she discovered her passion for teaching and community outreach, and has since achieved her NFPA FLSE II certification – one of only 6 in the state of MN (3 of whom are at SBMFD). She is also an AHA Heartsafe CPR/First Aid Instructor. She now works as a Fire and Life Safety Educator for SBM Fire, and continues to be a dedicated Fire Corps volunteer. Outside of the FD, she works as an Engineer for Trane

Shannon Ryder- Ms Ryder began her fire career in 2002 as a volunteer FF, and worked through the ranks to full time Bureau Chief. She was instrumental in establishing the Fire Corps program at SBMFD. In 2008 she took on the role of State Advocate for National Fire Corps. She has participated on the National Volunteer Fire Council speaker’s bureau and was a major contributor to the fire corps academy online education. She has spoken at the several Fire Corps Conferences and training summits across the US.


Buy in From the Line; Seemingly Impossible to Possible
Getting buy in from the line isn’t easy, so this presentation will give the audience ideas on how to make it possible, from an educator and firefighter’s experience. In addition, this presentation will give ideas on programs developed by CRFD and how the line’s input helped make them possible. This presentation will leave the audience takeaways to move their department forward as a cohesive entity, ideas on programs to boost their education, and ways to ensure the community is on their side.

Jamie Duncan,  Jamie has been surrounded by the fire service her whole life. Her mother is a retired firefighter and her husband is a lieutenant with West Metro. Jamie went to UC Denver and obtained a Bachelor’s in Film and Television. She worked almost six years in TV for shows on Food Network, TLC, VH1 and HGTV. Jamie’s change in careers was due to her passion to educate and she has now been an Educator with CRFD for two years. In that time, she has developed, maintained, and redesigned multiple programs

Nathan Meyers,  Nathan began his career in the fire service in 2006 with Larkspur Fire and in 2009 was hired by CRFD as a firefighter/EMT. Prior to that, he played professional soccer. The skills to teach, lead, and be a good team member are used at CRFD where he also serves as a member of the public education team, a community CPR instructor, and teaches the CRFD Explorer Post. Nathan has a passion for public education and community outreach. Nathan enjoys racing bikes and living and working on his farm.

Approach Alzheimer’s for EMS
Dementia patients may not be able to recognize the body’s signals for pain, hunger or thirst; putting them at risk medical emergencies related to dehydration, infections, pneumonia, burns and falls The inability to communicate effectively has a tendency to overwhelm patients; calling for patience and understanding by 1st responders. Identify best practice approach and communication techniques to use with this population so you are able to make your first response the correct response.

Theresa Grill,  Theresa Grill has a master’s degree in healthcare administration from the George Washington University. She has worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years. She has experience as a nursing home and assisted living administrator, and as a community health educator. Theresa works to make Colorado a Dementia-Capable state; educating employees and first responders to be able to recognize and interact safely and successfully with members of the public experiencing cognitive decline

Karen Harris,  Karen Harris, MSW is the Community Education Coordinator at the Alzheimer’s Association Colorado Chapter. Karen does outreach, coordinates, and provides education to family caregivers as well as professionals. Karen meets with families individually to develop a plan of care to address short-term needs and long-term goals.

Quantifying the Need for Funding Support: Demonstrating the Economic Burden of Preventable Injuries to Your Lead Agency
I.P. program resources are scarce. Achieving fiscal stability is strongly influenced by an agency’s estimate of the value of alternative courses of action they pose. Difficult choices must often be made regarding how resources are allocated, especially in Fire Services, EMS, and hospitals. who bear great cost burdens when kids are injured. This presentation will share alternative approaches for framing the financial impact to agencies as a result of not being engaged in prevention efforts

Dwayne Smith, Dwayne Smith, MEd, MCHES®, is a Senior Strategist for Population Health at Children’s Hospital Colorado. In this role he serves as the Injury Prevention Program Manager, which includes guiding the Safe Kids Colorado state office, and coalition oversight for Safe Kids Colorado Springs and Safe Kids Denver Metro. Dwayne has worked as a Health Educator for 29 years, and has been a leading advocate for child injury prevention interests with government and community-based organizations since 1995.


“Positive Youth Development

Adolescence is a time of change and opportunity. The physical, social and psychological changes young people undergo impacts their behavior, how they interact with the world, and how the adults around them respond to this transformation. This training will help you understand and learn the skills and knowledge needed to integrate the evidence-based PYD approach into your current youth programming efforts.

Audra Bishop, Audra Bishop, M.A, Youth and Young Adult Section Manager of the Children, Youth and Families Branch at the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment