Day 3 Course Descriptions


UL Does That?

Jon Roberts


Youth and Fire: When Mental Health and Developmental Delays Complicate the Picture
Youth firesetting behavior evaluation and intervention are often complicated by mental health symptoms and developmental delays. We will review common mental health diagnoses seen in youth with firesetting behavior and consider how they contribute to risk. We will also look at developmental delays in cognition and physical growth and how they impact our assessment and intervention. The workshop will utilize case presentations and small group discussions.

Brad Jackson, PhD Diane Reichmuth, PsyD –Brad and Diane are psychologists with the Youth Firesetting Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. They have presented nationally and internationally on youth firesetting behavior, mental health assessment and intervention, pediatric burn care, and burn rehabilitation camps.

Laure Bridges, Lieutenant and PIO Lavita Nadkarni, PhD– Laure is the Public Information Officer and coordinator for youth firesetting intervention with Aurora Fire Rescue. Lavita is Associate Dean, Professor / Director Forensic Studies at University of Denver.





Choices for Children: Kids Have it Harder Than We Did
We will discuss a variety of choices that our children encounter frequently while in schools. A multitude of these choices lead to our children becoming seriously injured. Topics will include: Choking Game, Cinnamon challenge, Drug awareness, bullying, school violence and other risky behaviors including distracted driving, hill-topping, car-surfing and sexual assault

Jason Martin is the Director of Trauma Outreach/Injury Prevention for Swedish Medical Center, supporting multiple trauma centers in the Denver Metropolitan area. Jason speaks nationally to law enforcement, educators and all levels of healthcare providers on a variety of topics with an emphasis on drug prevention/awareness and care of the trauma patient. He works with youth of all ages on a variety of dangers they may face. Jason speaks to over 100,000 kids yearly on a variety of settings on the


Vision 20/20 with Lunch!
Learn about all of the great programs and resources that Vision 20/20 has for you to use in your communities!

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