It’s never to soon to nominate someone for their amazing work, programs, and dedication to Community Risk Reduction and Life Safety Education.

Award Nomination Form

We are lucky to have so many wonderful educators and programs in Colorado and now is your opportunity to recognize your peers for their accomplishments.

Please use the form below to nominate your Colorado Risk Reduction Network peers for Educator of the Year, Program of the Year, and Shining Star.

Program of the Year nominations are based off of large and small departments:
Large Department > 75,000 population
Small Department < 75,000 population

You may nominate someone in each category or just one, it is your choice. Please be sure to include a narrative with your nomination.

For Educator of the Year please include a brief description of why you are nominating them for EOTY.

For Program of the Year please include a brief description of the program that you are nominating for POTY.

For Shining Star please let us know what this person did that made them stand out in your mind. It could be something that garnered news attention, a SM campaign, or a mentorship they gave you. This award is for any CRR Specialist/Educator who may not have had a program or educational opportunities, but they excelled in other ways to promote risk reduction in their community and/or beyond in 2021.

Please note that your nominee must be a member of CRRN in order to receive an award.