Day 3 Course Descriptions


Community Risk Reduction: The Leatherman in your Prevention Toolbox
One tool: Many uses! In this fun, interactive session, the speakers will provide an overview of NFPA 1300 Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development and explain how professionals focused on community safety can use the process outlined in the standard to guide effective CRR initiatives. Attendees will learn why Community Risk Assessment is the critical first step in the CRR process and how the community profiles outlined in NFPA 1300 provide a helpful framework to tell the local data story. Additionally, the presenter will share unexpected benefits of implementing strategic, data-driven CRR such as internal buy-in, community support, and increased funding. Successful applications of CRR will be presented as vignettes from the field and will clearly explain how CRR serves as dynamic tool to solve typical problems faced by fire service personnel, community leaders, and local partners. Attendees will leave the session with the ability to put community data to work as influence statements designed to build support for CRR efforts.

Karen Berard-Reed is a Senior Strategist leading the Community Risk Reduction initiative at the National Fire Protection Association. Karen develops innovative tools and resources to assist stakeholders who are focused on data and standards-driven processes to improve community safety. Her contributions include training, partnership-building, and critical tools to support CRR efforts such as CRAIG 1300™, the NFPA Community Risk Assessment Insight Generator and the CRR Kitchen Table, a monthly virtual gathering of prevention-minded professionals. Karen previously managed NFPA’s high-risk outreach activities and created safety education materials for young children, older adults, and underserved communities. Karen serves on the IAFC Fire and Life Safety Section Board, the Vision 20/20 steering committee, and has served as an instructor at the National Fire Academy. Before coming to NFPA, Karen worked in the health promotion field in K-12, higher education, and community settings.


Getting Everyone Involved
We know that getting everyone involved within the organization is very important for the success of your CRR programs and initiatives. In this session we will dive into getting everyone involved including community partners like Chick-fil-A, Car Dealerships, agencies like Federal Law enforcement and USDA, and non-profits like Churches and mission based organizations. By leveraging these types of partners you can offer more funding and reach your initiatives and can work toward the big mission of a safe community.

Presenter (s):
Jason Tharp started his career in the fire service in 2006. He is certified through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) Master Structural Firefighter, holds Fire Officer IV, ten (10) other TCFP disciplines, as well as an EMT Basic. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management Administration from Texas A&M-San Antonio. He has also graduated from the Fire Service Chief Executive Officer program at Texas A&M TEEX and the Mays Business School, and the Texas Fire Chiefs Academy from the Texas Fire Chiefs Association. In March of 2020 he was nominated and awarded the Lone Star Achievement award by the Texas Fire Chiefs Association. He currently serves as Battalion Chief of Community Risk Reduction at Harris County ESD No. 48 Fire – EMS and District Chief for Eastex Fire Department (HCESD10) in Northeast Harris County.

Lia Hales is the Community Relations Coordinator, Fire Life Safety Educator and Assistant to Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Battalion Chief.  Lia coordinates community outreach activities, public relations events, organizes sponsorship and fundraising efforts, and builds meaningful partnerships with key community groups, organizations and agency partners. Lia assists the CRR Battalion Chief in the development, organization and implementation of Community Risk Reduction/Community Health Division programs. Lia is also the Volunteer Coordinator, which oversees, schedules and assigns a wide range of volunteer opportunities for the HCESD No. 48 Community Team Volunteers for community and department activities/events. Lia is an administrative professional with over 25 years in the healthcare insurance/medical billing industry, and also brings over 17 years in the non-profit industry coordinating fundraising and volunteer efforts for organizations that partner with First Responders.

NFPA Updates and Additional Resources to Assist With Community Risk Reduction
Hopefully you enjoyed the session earlier this morning about NFPA 1300, Community Risk Assessment, and words of wisdom on getting your CRR initiatives up and running!  Did you know that NFPA has numerous other resources that can assist with CRR?  From reports on multiple different topics, to public education and training resources, as well as other tools to assist with the various parts of your CRR efforts, there is a wealth of information available! And how and where do you find all those things on the NFPA website?  Plus, in addition to NFPA 1300, there are other codes and standards that come into play in CRR. It’s helpful to have a full understanding of how the codes and standards are developed and revised, and how you can get involved in that process, and how to get others involved in that process too.  We’ll also take a look at the new NFPA LiNK digital platform, which makes it a breeze to look up information in the NFPA standards, and allows you to carry all of the standards with you on your electronic devices.  Some brief online demonstrations will be part of this presentation.

Bob Sullivan is NFPA’s Southwest Regional Director, assisting with code adoptions, legislative advocacy, and stakeholder engagement in the States of Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  Mr. Sullivan has over 31 years of experience serving on fire departments in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Colorado, including several years as a company officer.  Prior to coming to NFPA, he served on the Thornton Fire Department in Colorado as the Senior Fire Protection Engineer and Deputy Fire Marshal, focusing on new development construction and fire code enforcement.  He has a Master’s Degree in Fire Protection Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.

Implementing the ADA Through Risk Management
Many are reluctant to implement and maintain the physical access requirements of the ADA because they do not recognize the value that good access invites. This presentation will explain why accessibility is vital for people with disabilities, how good access equals good risk management, and the best practices to follow to not get sued for disability discrimination.

Christopher Murphy has been working with the Rocky Mountain ADA Center since 2017, specializing in the physical access requirements of the ADA. He is also a person with a disability, having a traumatic birth which caused permanent nerve damage in his left arm resulting in a condition called Erb’s Palsy. Chris has been a member of the US Paracycling National Team since 2014, is a former world champion and current world record holder in track racing, and has competed in the Rio and Tokyo Paralympic Games.


Youth and Fire: When Mental Health and Developmental Delays Complicate the Picture
Youth firesetting behavior evaluation and intervention are often complicated by mental health symptoms and developmental delays. We will review common mental health diagnoses seen in youth with firesetting behavior and consider how they contribute to risk. We will also look at developmental delays in cognition and physical growth and how they impact our assessment and intervention. The workshop will utilize case presentations and small group discussions.

Brad Jackson, PhD Diane Reichmuth, PsyD –Brad and Diane are psychologists with the Youth Firesetting Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. They have presented nationally and internationally on youth firesetting behavior, mental health assessment and intervention, pediatric burn care, and burn rehabilitation camps.

Laure Bridges, Lieutenant and PIO Lavita Nadkarni, PhD– Laure is the Public Information Officer and coordinator for youth firesetting intervention with Aurora Fire Rescue. Lavita is Associate Dean, Professor / Director Forensic Studies at University of Denver.

Choices for Children: Kids Have it Harder Than We Did
We will discuss a variety of choices that our children encounter frequently while in schools. A multitude of these choices lead to our children becoming seriously injured. Topics will include: Choking Game, Cinnamon challenge, Drug awareness, bullying, school violence and other risky behaviors including distracted driving, hill-topping, car-surfing and sexual assault

Jason Martin is the trauma service manager for Memorial Central UCHealth, supporting multiple trauma centers in the southern region of Colorado.  Jason has been a Paramedic and Registered Nurse for over 30 years. He began his career as a nurse specializing in the care and transport of pediatric and neonate patients over 15 years ago. He has spent a large part of his career, however, in emergency medicine. Jason speaks locally and Nationwide on a variety of topics with emphasis in drug prevention/awareness and trauma care.

In Your Corner for Residential Fire Safety, Kidde
Community Risk Reduction had never been more important. Sadly, in just the first 2 weeks of 2022, residential fire records were broken – a disturbing trend following 2020 and 2021’s residential fire increase. As a leading manufacturer, Kidde is partnering with fire departmentsto ensure families have the knowledge and tools they need to be safe at home. Join us as we review advances in fire detection, local CRR platforms, prevention with special populations, and best practices. Kidde’s top priority is the health and safety of YOUR citizens. We invite you to help us in this shared mission.

Sharon Cooksey is the External Communications & Growth Marketing Leader for Kidde North America. She has a MBA in Marketing from Elon University and an M.S. in Integrated Strategic Communication and Media Studies. Sharon has been with Kidde since 2016.


Vision 20/20 with Lunch!
Learn about all of the great programs and resources that Vision 20/20 has for you to use in your communities!

Stephen Hrustich is the Project Manager for Vision 20/20. Stephen has over 34 years of experience in the fire service, most recently as the Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal overseeing the Community Risk Reduction division of Gwinnett County Department of Emergency Services, and prior to that he was the fire chief of the Endicott and Johnson City Fire Departments in New York. Hrustich holds a master’s degree in Executive Fire Leadership and Emergency Management, is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Executive Fire Officer program and is a credentialed Chief Fire Officer and Fire Marshal by the Center for Public Safety Excellence.