Lesson Plans

Home Safety

Make An Escape Plan
Escape Plan Outreach Ideas
-Talking_points Escape Plan
Easy-read planning practicing

Smoke Alarms
Mini lesson Smoke Alarms
Mini Lesson Beep Where You Sleep

CO Alarms
Mini Lesson CO Alarm

Cooking Safety
Mini Lesson Cooking
-PlansCooking safety 6th grade Lesson

Spanish Material
spanish easy to read plan
-spanish easy to read practice

Business Safety

Senior Residential Community
Aging Matters – Evacuations 

Injury Prevention

Fall Prevention
Lesson Plan – Fall Prevention

Brain Injury 5th Grade Lesson Plans

Vehicle Safety
Crash dynamics 8th grade Powerpoint


Pre-k through K
-LNTB Preschool Full Program

Preschool flip game: Tools vs Toys
Preschool Tools vs Toys
LNTB Kindergarten
Kindergarten- Stop, Drop & Roll
-Emergencies Kindergarten “What is an Emergency?”
Kindergarten Disaster Picture Search
Kindergarten Disaster Picture Search
Disaster Parent Letter

Elementary School
LNTB 1st Grade
First Grade- Get Low & Go
1st grade: Emergency Kit Scavenger Hunt
Second Grade- Call 9-1-1
Fire safety sequence outline- 3rd grade
3rd Grade Fire Safety Sequencing
Third Grade E.D.I.T.H.
3rd Grade- Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Kit Cut Outs
3rd Grade Go Kit Items
Fourth Grade- Home Hazards
Brain Injury 5th Grade Lesson Plans
Cooking safety 6th grade Lesson

Middle School
Juvenile fire Setter 7th grade
The Science of Fire
Crash dynamics 8th grade Powerpoint

High School
High School First Aid Powerpoint
high school fd career powerpoint


Disaster Preparedness

Get Ready
– A Family Guide to the Ins and Outs of Emergency Evacuations
get_ready powerpoint
Get Ready Book
evaluation Get Ready
– See Kinder, 1st and 3rd grade lesson plans based on Emergency Prep under “Schools”

CDC Guide to Extreme Heat
-Disaster Preparedness at Home: Filter Out the Damage
-Disaster Prep & Self Storage – What You Need to Know
-PA DMV Emergency Driving Tips
-Emergency Preparedness for Seniors & the Disabled
-Humane Society – Protect Your Pets
-Disaster Safety for Renters
-Ready for Anything: First Aid for Pets
-Do You Need Disaster Insurance for Your Home?
-How Mortgages are Affected in Disaster-Prone Areas
-Pre-disaster Financial Preparedness Checklist
-Disasters and Financial Planning: A Guide for Preparedness
-Recovering Financially After a Natural Disaster
-Disaster Planning: The Need for Business Storage in the Event of Severe Weather
-Disaster Loans & Grants from the U.S. Small Business Administration

Older Adults

Senior Residential Communities
Aging Matters – Evacuations

Remembering When
RW Program Book
RW Prevention Behavior Flyer
RW Fire Message Cards
RW Fall Message CardsRW Safety Tip Sheets

Lesson Plan – Fall Prevention
Lesson Plan – The Paperwork of Aging

Crime Prevention

Youth Fire Setting
Juvenile fire Setter 7th grade


Wildfire Mitigation
wild_ready Set Go Wildfire Action Plan
Forest Management and Health Resources
-Example of Mitigation Code

Peak 2 Fire 2017 PIO Takeaways

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